Free Verse Poetry

Cold Skies

Image by Nicola Giordano from Pixabay

The clear cold skies
of deep indigo
Bask in the enigma
of the inscrutable heavens
Upon a starlit night

They exult in the radiance
of a glorious half moon
Aglow with a golden light
captured from the fleeing daystar
Of an earlier dusk

And now the nightorb
reclines in sublime splendour
‘Gainst the backdrop
of the velvet cloak of midnight

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A’sheen with a myriad white stars
that rejoice in the infinite opulence
Of the perpetual firmament

While a nebula of silent clouds
throngs in a billow
at the perimeter of the celestial arena

The nightscape of an inky cosmos
for to relish awhile

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PS: This poem was initially posted on It has been published here with the poet’s permission.

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