Blank Verse Poetry

Witnessing Winter

Image by LIMAT MD ARIF from Pixabay

My mind is no less than the winter haze
That has made our town its abode again;
The baneful mixture of smoke, fog, and mist
Obscures the sun just as thoughts cloud the truth.
The past is smoke and future orphic fog.
Boy, the present does steal my demureness!

Each morning as the smog enshrouds this town,
I am benighted by my trembling mind;
As I breathe, not being ware of the act,
My heart chokes while I cough phlegm up and frown.
And as my mind meanders through the past,
The now is slain with a might unheard of.

My thoughts hide joy like haze blots out visions;
Just as smoke harms lungs, my mind hurts my self;
My past chills my soul like mist chills the air.
The mind is hazy, puts me in a haze,
For I, impelled by my thoughts, lose sight of
What the present may have in store for me.

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I hear instruments to clear air of smog
Exist, but I shall wish for a device
That may rid my mind of its pollutants –
Incessant thoughts that birth commotion, pain.
I’ll ponder the commotion that is born
So I may unearth a way to (m)end it.

The norm now might well be pure pollution
That poisons people while they breathe to live;
But will the pollutants of a fraught mind
Not make one a conceiving, thinking dead?
If winter’s here, spring will soon be relished;
And my mind mayhap is enduring winter.

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  1. Nice lines. You have brought the truth behind the aspects of winter. Loved it.

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