Juggernaut Specials

The Dance


Come with me
Come join the dance
Listen to the music
Come and take a chance
Let the joy take over
Take to the floor
Let the rhythm move you
Do not ignore
The call of the music
It draws you near
Be open to the feeling
No more fear

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The sound it controls us
It allows joy to take hold
Not for the fearful
The music is for the bold
The brave and the foolish
Come heed the sound
It calls you, come nearer
Friends will be found

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New friends and old ones
A family of dance
The hypnotic rhythm
A happiness trance
And soon it will stop
We’ll all drift apart
But the family continues
With one beating heart
For once you have joined us
The dance will not end
You’ll have the beat with you
My eternal friend
For life is a rhythm
Your favourite tune
A song in our hearts
We shall all dance to soon

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