Free Verse Poetry

The Soul of Nature

Today as I flip through the dusty dailies,
The vagaries of nature read of and about
Storm my mind with impressions from the gory past
And subtly rain down sorrow, angst, and ill luck
I’d happened on not less than seven years ago.

I then trod on affrighted streets of the scarred city
That now stands stilled, stunned by nature’s play. Again…
Delusion bested faith before; both now lie dead.
I call to mind the city being a stark sea,
Its lanes appearing to be rivers that have lost their way.

The nights wept, tearing up the darkened, spooky clouds
While I befriended the chilled water that ran past
Acting as a cover for the corpses floating about
As if it were the most normal of things to do;
What I saw was perhaps the soul of nature itself.

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But boy, who could conjecture why the dead were dead?
Who could answer why those were the chosen ones?
Who could aver they themselves would survive the next day?
The questions are many, and there shall be more;
But the answers to them are obscured by anguish.

Do the vagaries of nature not state I’m not supreme?
The wailing skies, the tattered streets, the shattered trees
Shout I could next vanish in this cosmic delusion.
The Sun is but now high, the birds are out twittering,
And I justly wonder whether it would be the same tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, feeling the nature through your lines is as cooling as a gentle breeze on a winter morning

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