Free Verse Poetry

I’ll Steal It

Sometimes when my brain needs a wash,
I’ll gather up my dirt and try to sort through it.
And sometimes I’ll come across five dollars in the pocket of a dirty, over-worn pair of jeans.
I’ll pull out my serendipity,
crumpled & small
and slip it into the pocket of the dirty, over worn pair of jeans I’m in because it feels like I’m taking this small ray of light from another day I’ve lived;
I’ll seize it for myself
as though I’m owed,
as though I’m indebted to myself somehow, and it was a slight against me to leave it,
crumpled & small,
in the pocket of my dirty jeans.

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I don’t spend it,
not unless it ends up in my wallet, flattened with purpose,
considered & valued,
assigned goals;
but I have it on good authority that I’ll see it again,
crumpled & small,
shining through my dirt, and I’ll steal it from myself on purpose.

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Image by Merlin Lightpainting from Pixabay | FOR REPRESENTATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

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