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The Buzz Around Bosco

Book: Bosco and the Bees
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Author: Cat Ritchie
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Stavyah Vatsarah

Author Cat Ritchie knows the art of painting pictures with words, and her book entitled Bosco and the Bees stands testimony to that. When we began reading the story, we’d thought it would be just another fairy tale that tends to end with a moral. Nonetheless, when we started flipping the pages of the spellbinding book, we were awestruck and captivated by the awe-inspiring characters, each of which has something moralistic to convey in a manner that is both funny and alluring. 

You will come upon fairies of varying sizes and colors and birds and animals of varying kinds while reading the book. Based on our experience, we dare say the book will take you on a wondrous, mystical journey!  

It’s Not Just About Bosco

While Bosco, a teensy fairy, is an integral part of the story, many lively and witching characters contribute to the amazing plot. One of the intriguing characters is Miotrrr, a crow that eventually gets befriended by Bosco, who happens to have only the first ten years of his life to decide his fate. If the queen of the fairyland approves the decision made by Bosco and if she thinks he is capable enough of going on the path chosen in his tenth year, the little fairy will continue to live in the land inhabited by humans. But if he fails to do so, he will have to go to the other side of the barrier, a demesne where only fairies live.

Love of the Land

Bosco loves his family. And he adores where he bides. Unlike other fairies dreaming of visiting the other side of the barrier – a land that is bereft of human beings, Bosco chooses not to hanker after a place he has not known. He is so eager to learn new crafts that he gives almost everything a try. He discourses with birds, tries a hand at magic, gets to know more about humans, and of course, starts studying bees. Eventually, after weighing in all the options, Bosco chooses to help his fellow fairies by letting them know the advantages of having bees around. Nonetheless, only later does he learn that the other side of the barrier is not only bereft of humans but bees as well. And why? Well, that is the part you will thoroughly enjoy. So, we’d better keep our lips zipped, right?

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Magic, Mystery, and All That Jazz

Bosco and the Bees is sure to enthrall you. There are seer fairies with magical prowess in the story, and you’ll also chance on fairies that continue to live as spirits after giving up their bodies. What makes the plot all the more interesting is the unexpected twist towards the very end. The queen and Bosco are related! Yes, they are! Bosco himself finds out this truth in his tenth year. Will he walk away happily with the queen after figuring out the kind of relationship he shares with her, or will he continue staying in Somewhere, the place he has known all his life?

All’s Well That Ends Well

By the time we reached the climax, we knew we would be adding another great book to the list of books we recommend to our beloved readers. Bosco and the Bees is a book with a climatic end, and there will be moments when a tear or two will roll down your cheeks as you read. For us, the entire process of reading Bosco and the Bees was transformational – something we had not expected. 

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