Reverse Poetry

Will I Ever Get What I’ve Hankered For?

BEFORE YOU READ | What you are to read is a reverse poem. You may first read the poem from top to bottom. Read it then from bottom to top to know the poet’s perspective.

Image from Pixabay

I will never get what I’ve hankered for;
So I shall not want to imagine that
My dreams will turn into reality;
This might appear too sudden now, but
I’m foreordained to be good for nothing;
And I shall thus not allow you to say
I do deserve everything wonderful.
What I would like to let you know is this:
My life is a metaphor for failure.
And that’s perhaps why I’m against this thought:
I’m born to make a mark, realize my dreams;
Let me also state with honesty that
I shall not live a fine, promising life;
So even in your dreams don’t ever think
My life will be a beautiful journey.

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