Free Verse Poetry

I Observe

His one amorous stroke
impregnates the blank sky
with fascinating hues:
the crimson carnation
allures purple evening
thus uniting in Prussian blue.

His water brush draws
the mirror for the sky:
the vast lake beneath
captures the continuum
on its refractive surface
in deepening silence

I observe.
one more stroke enlivens
the ambitious canvas
the perennial pasture, hedgerow
with wild grass and blossoms
enamoring the pollinators

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And they fly for a purpose
with inherited wings,
in all tracks connecting
painted objects ideally
I observe.

Like that rigid mountain
inertly waiting
behind the veil
I observe.

The dynamic landscape
moves on like floating clouds
move on; I wait for
His one last stroke
that would tell me
where I stand!

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