Free Verse Poetry

My Imaginary Beach


Come join me on my imaginary beach
The night will be warm, the moon full
The sand will sparkle in Luna’s light
The calm ocean will set the rhythm
With waves lapping quietly upon the shore

All of our friends will be there
Those we see all the time
And those who we have not seen for years
There will be a bar serving all our favourites
Drinks will flow and laughter too
There will be cocktails, mocktails for the kids
Sparkling, spirits, even beer for those who like it
Little fish will swim in the water, surprises for young and old

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The music will start, for our friends breath music
There will be singing and dancing upon the soft sand
We shall cook up a feast to share
Stories will flow; they always do when friends gather
It shall be a night for celebrating love and friendship

It shall be a night of forgetting your troubles
Remembering joy and the wonder of togetherness
Those that wish to can swim, playing freely beneath the waves
There will be some who will roll down the dunes (I’ll be first)
Then the new day will dawn and there will be a sweet silence
In awe we shall watch the sun rise upon a new day

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