The Scene Was Set

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

The scene was set before the Moon was seen;
Each twilight hour rendered the bliss they’d missed
On lanes of a town that lay well between
Two rivers now dry, thanks to rains dismissed.
Today the band was to laugh, rejoice, play
En route to the hills that in the north lay.

And when the night took form, the men did lay
Fine glasses of wine on desks that were seen
Inside a ten-seat van where they could play
Songs of their choice, songs they had gravely missed.
Each worry was aside thrown, thus dismissed;
No thoughts about work dared come in between!

The van went fast on roads that ran between
Lush trees adorning the village that lay
Upon the hills the band had once dismissed;
Joy captured all when nature’s love was seen.
Oh! What could in such a demesne be missed,
A fair demesne where play was work and work play?


The mood pleasanter sighting the just play
Of the Lord working worlds, all in between
Made each in the band state the beauty missed
By way of composing one wondrous lay.
Not just the nature, its calm too was seen
Oh! What in such a land could be dismissed?

Well, troubling thoughts alone could be dismissed
On those hills where the band settled to play
Songs and poems and all they’d learnt, known, and seen
In those years that were past and months between.
The mornings greeted by hens that did lay
Rare eggs, would be gone when they’d leave, be missed.

But stolen selves of capital town missed
Their mates who had cast them out and dismissed
Their pleasures as sins; they shan’t even lay
Those they had hankered for, for such a play
Would ruin all that was shared now between
The men now gone and the men talked of, seen.

And lastly, with hills dismissed, gone souls missed
What was heard and seen in the lanes between
The hills that serenely lay, watching the world’s play!

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