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Serial Killer Is a Jewel in the Ocean of Literature

Book: Serial Killer
Genre: Psychological thriller
Author: Perry Martin
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Stavyah Vatsarah

Serial Killer by Perry Martin is a novel that will remain close to our heart. Forevermore. We state so not just because the book provided us with everything we look for as a reader – entertainment, enigma, romance, intrigue, and thrill but also because it ostensibly espouses a theory we staunchly believe in – the theory of reincarnation. And while the author does a commendable job of interweaving elements of surrealism and magical realism with quotidian aspects of life, the reader is left awe-struck when the book approaches its climactic end. So, if you were to ask us now to describe our experience of reading Serial Killer in just two words, we would in all probability say this: Supremely satisfying. 

Not Just Another Run-of-the-Mill Thriller

When we began reading the novel, we had supposed it would be like any other mundane crime thriller, where the series of events becomes annoyingly predictable. We had also felt it could be as intense and fascinating as Dan Brown’s detective novels. Only later did we realize we should not have done any comparing. Perry Martin’s Serial Killer is by itself a sparkling jewel in the ocean of literature. 

Akin to Om Shanti Om?

Be that as it may, the language used in Serial Killer is understandable, and thus, uncomplicated. After all, Perry knows the knack of keeping his readers captivated by using simple yet powerful and meaningful words. The characters, nonetheless, are not as unsophisticated. There is a third-person perspective that the reader gets even as the author does a brilliant job of bringing in subtle elements of humor in his narrations. 

A simple story comprising chillingly intense scenes, most of them akin to action scenes in Bollywood flicks, Serial Killer, believe us, is sure to take you on a mystery-ridden ride. And talking of Bollywood movies, the novel has a very strong resemblance to the box office hit Om Shanti Om, where a dead man reincarnates to avenge himself and his lover! 

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Done, Not Dusted

The murder of a top detective is the tipping point in the entire story. The slayer, who has his own very special modus operandi, is smart enough to escape the nation (the United States of America) where he has committed several gruesome murders. He flees to Mexico, adopts a new identity, and assumes he will never be apprehended. On the other hand, the son of the murdered detective joins the famed Los Angeles Police Department, his sole goal being locating his dad’s killer and giving him what he deserves – a body without a soul. But does the young detective obtain what he hankers for? Or is his plan foiled? Well, that’s the part that will make you read the book, right? So, we’d better zip our lips for now!

Clairvoyance and All that Jazz

Joshua, a teenager, is a character very integral to the story. His path crosses Tommy’s when he is caught for, well, jacking a car. Joshua thereafter comes in contact with Tommy’s mother, Sarah Brigham, a psychologist. The conversations between Joshua and Sarah are soul-stirring, and it feels great when Sarah discovers Joshua is not a normal human being, at least, for her. But is he a clairvoyant or someone who has somehow called to mind his past life? And what role does he have to play in finding the killer? 

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Lovingly Yours

I read Pretty Flamingo by the same author last year. Serial Killer, to be blunt, lacks the romance elements I happened on in Pretty Flamingo. But that is what makes the book all the more interesting. The protagonist, Tommy, does have someone he adores in his life, but his goal obscures the love he holds in his heart; and only towards the end does the reader get to know how essential Tommy’s lover is to the story and the plot. 

Final Word

Take it from us: You won’t regret reading Serial Killer. More than anything else, it will make you ponder your existence. It may even strengthen the relationship you have with yourself. As we end the review, we would love to quote a thought-provoking sentence we chanced on in the book itself: When you embark on a journey of revenge, you’d better dig two graves. 

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  1. Must read novel, it seems from the review. Thanks for bringing to limelight.

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