Free Verse Poetry

The Night of Destruction

Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay

It was when she lifted her exhausted hands
Off the newly sculpted jewel
Carved of the toughest material possible
Within whose walls flowed the ocean
Of immense beauty
That it struck twelve
And clouds
As dark as shadows of the past
Obstructed the shimmering starlight;
They wore an evil smile
And released a storm
To assess the jewel.

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Lightnings of fury and pain
Were flung to burn a painful hole
Through its joyful core.
They kept pricking it,
Trying their best to cause- destruction;
But it wasn’t built to shatter.

Oh! A painful silence ruled her for a long time;
But she didn’t break,
For she sculpted her heart
With layers of immense strength.

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