Juggernaut Specials


Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Right here where tough deodars burgeoned for years
With blooming flower beds and brazened beasts,
I now behold concrete blocks with my peers
And swirls of dust rising upon tarred streets;
Devouring canned foods, wolfing salted beets,
We think about the time that has flown by
During which woods that proffered meaty sweets
Have got replaced by stores that sell baked pies.

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The green carpet that graced our eyes back then
Is gone to a place I might not know of;
All we gaze upon is large crowds of men
That go about felling trembling trees off.
The grazing cattle are grazed, their skin’s doffed;
My soul yearns to inhale the air I’d known.
But frenzied fumes surround me, polluting the troughs
That back then abounded on each land mown.

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Oh, yesterdays astounded, made our days
While the now makes us ponder bygone times.
I wish we’d soon discover brand new ways
To get back and live lives lived betimes.

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Image by JuergenPM from Pixabay

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