Free Verse Poetry


The night stepped out
Like a prima ballerina
From the monumental shadows
That reached the very heavens
Concealed awhile
Behind the great mountains of granite grey
That separated the tranquil realm
From the world outside

And now ’twas the hour of nighttide
When the darkness covered the benign pastoral scene
With a canopy of star studded indigo fashioned
And it set the great jewel of nighttime
That enchanting orb pearlescent of much renown
High aloft in the firmament

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Above the natural boundary
Formed by the rugged fortress
Hewn into a mighty wall of lofty ridges
By the merciless of rains relentless
And gruesome gales grievous
From the kingdom of ice inscrutable
Into a glory of soaring escarpments a’towering
Of noble countenance benevolent
That guarded the unspoilt idyll
From the merely curious
As well as the malicious of ill intent pernicious
Through the hours of slumber and rest

Until a bright new dawn
Bloomed resolute in the autoral east
And the elegant night once more did retire
Beyond the impassive elevation of stone
Its repose restorative for to take awhile

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Image by Rene Tittmann from Pixabay

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  1. The night gives a level of mystique and character to the otherwise every day… Well captured and well told DA ❤️

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