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To Dad, With Love


Image by Dawnyell Reese from Pixabay | FOR REPRESENTATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

Yesterdays might have made you lose your might,
But bear in mind your will’s stronger than fore
Lots ’bout you I shall will to bring to light
So the world may learn you were meant to soar.
Would you let this thought get to your soul’s core:
Son you’ve begotten will sure make you proud?
He shall ensure you are hailed by the worldly crowd.

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Well, your cries silenced shall now fade and fall,
And your face ever shall sport a sound smile.
Seeds sown will thus be nurtured, work won’t stall;
Your son will walk with you many a mile.
Be rest assured that adored is your style,
And don’t forget you’ll not once be let down;
Ideas you have espoused will illume each town!

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Were you away, I could have lost my calm,
I could’ve gone astray in this world too large.
But your presence has been a wondrous balm;
Of my life, it had better be in charge
So when I’m angered I don’t tend to barge
Through the souls that have done us wrong
For a time that has now turned out verily long. 

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