Happy Birthday, Dad!

Your mien is calming, eyes are charming,
And you laugh like you’ve never laughed fore;
Your look’s amusing, voice quite musing,
With you I have experienced no bore.
Oft you have smiled and sung to me lore,
And there arrive times when you go mad.
But with you by my side I’ll get no sore;
On your birthday, I say you’re loved, dear Dad.

Your talks are witching, jokes bewitching,
And you cry as if you’ve seen some gore;
Your tales are telling, often selling
Desires that hope to stay behind door.
With strange adeptness you do each chore,
Bring smiles on faces of the ones sad;
And with your support, I get no sore!
Time I told you you are adored, dear Dad.

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Your walk’s alluring, words so luring,
And you ask me to study and pore;
Your joy is never ceasing; it’s pleasing
To see your thoughts come to the fore!
Each ruined, marred impression you tore,
Ensuring that my life turned more rad;
When you’re around, I don’t thus feel sore.
On this day, let me say you’re loved, dear Dad.

Wish you a life of joy; May ever you soar!
And may your presence wipe out all that is bad!
Have ready cash to feed those who knock on door;
Stay blessed and happy now and ever, dear Dad!

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Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

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