Juggernaut Specials

The Wait


When the roars of the waves raged in her heart,
Restless, destitute, devastated and torn apart,
All dreams shattered, crushed beyond repair,
So immensely broken, intense despair.
Those starlit nights, the moon above, out on a drive,
One hand on the steering, the other
Clasping her palm, love did strive!
To hold her tight, promise of love all life,
Burning with passion, fervent, frenzied, an amorous fay,
Laced with heavenly euphoria day after day.
The oath to break all barriers, to fight all odds;
Hollow and faded, a sad game of sorts!
Eros, the child of Plutus and Penia
When concocts his plan to let havoc loose,
You know Penia overtakes Plutus and Eros fails to choose!
And Diotima of Mantinea’s philosophy comes true;
However strong the love bond may brew,
The love for the body does wither away
As carnal amour cannot forever stay!
The affinity for beauty that resides in the mind,
The attraction to knowledge is rare to find!
When such pure love does descend,
The Platonic bond divinity transcends!
In search of a newer horizon, she stepped
Where promises of love are meant to be kept;
Where the sun sparkles on the golden sand,
The stars dazzle in the mystic land.
There she would wait for that Love to bloom
When the ethereal would transmute all mundane gloom!
There she would dance as nature does in rains
When the angelic love would mitigate all pains!
Plutus’ son he would then be proved
When the battered soul in ecstasy would groove.

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