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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay | FOR REPRESENTATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

A good life is a contented life;
It isn’t chasing rainbows of flighty fleeting moments of happiness, fading ever-faster into flimsy emptiness.
It isn’t your colour, race, religion or creed,
Your gender, culture, or whether you are rich or poor.
All have opportunities to thrive in everyday environments from one moment to the next;
It matters not where you come from, or whether you live in a little old hut or a fanciful mansion;
What matters is one’s ability to adapt and change with the ever-changing world.
Always being kind to oneself, and all life.

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Life is for living your karmic destiny.
Fulfilling the karmically revised cyclically revalued quest…
Above all, learning the values within a materialistically motivated society.
To value and appreciate the treasured gift many so often exploit for self-gratification, profit and gain
Of the natural world surrounding you;
Learning contentment is a state of mind, of inner being, of inner peace, beyond egotistical meddlesome natures.
Awakening, to see the world as it truly is,
Learning the foolishness of materialistic values…
In an illusionary reality, you cannot learn, in the unadulterated conscious awareness, the essence of one’s soul!

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