Acrostic Poetry

If Life Throws Mud at You…

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If life throws mud at you, and it quite often will,
You shall remember you are a sown seed!
Can seeds detest earth that helps plants grow? Mud deigns to
Solve all issues faced, fulfil seed’s each need.
A seed’s deed is to get watered, fill lives with hope;
Matter, one or more, shall then fade from sight!
There might though be troubling times that knock upon our door…
Is there but some way to bilk them with might?
No! You shall have to face them, tackle them, move on!
Need not fret ’bout a problem that remains
To delude and fox and clog the mind and spirit;
Worry causes pain, energies it drains!
About time you grew as cool as the ball of fire…
It fails not to do its assigned task, does it?

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And if your thoughts still pestered you,
If they made you shed tears and yell,
You could state this thought time and again:
Can’t solve probs with a cry or yell!
Solve issues that you hap on with
A smile or two seeming too keen.
Matter once hard won’t then matter;
There is life beyond what is seen!
Is life bestowed on you so you may weep?
No! Life is to be lived with joy!
Use this life to go to Swarga;
Brooding on past wanes the soul, boy.
Over and above lies one world;
It houses those who worry not.

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