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Looking Out of My Window

Photo by Eirik Uhlen on Unsplash

Looking out of my window, I see birds fluttering and flying in the breeze,
Squeaking and chirping o’er canopies to search seclusion for nesting in peace.
With the yawning cerulean, they flap the first stroke of their wings,
And into the abysmal blue; in merriment, they fly amidst the cloudy rings.

The first grain of meal might tantalize them into the yards of chartreuse leas;
Swinging and fluttering, they wing through the unbounded breeze.
Hovering over the gangling pillars of utopia, they seek havens of amour
To lay their fruits of love beneath the scarlet beams from the caramel core.

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Ignorant of the selfish gestures wafting through the human lands,
They breathe solitude in the cradles of those pristine hands.
Osculating through the crimson skies of Zeus, they dance in sublime shades
Oft singing aubades for their beloved ones nescient of those number grades.

My window knows it all; conveying scenes of the halcyon panorama to my eager eyes,
It smiles with covert emotions; concealed from the human spies.
I cherish the mornings draped in cerulean duvets of serendipity,
Treasuring the sublime beauty as a witness cloaked in attires of anonymity.

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