Free Verse Poetry

Time After Time

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Clock goes tick tock!
Rhythmic mashing
Regurgitation of time.
Hush! Keep still.
If we stop moving forward,
Our cells preserve energy.
Alas! It’s motion that keeps
Us young.
Consider the twin paradox.
For mass to outwit time
You have to move it at near
Light speed.

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The harder and faster you move, the younger you remain.
Action has consequences.
But inaction is death.
Tick tock goes the clock!
Time won’t let us dock.
Keep on moving. Act.
Action is Auspicious.
Everything that happens,
Happens for the best.
Time travellers take no rest.
Who knows?
Perhaps the universe
Is taking a test?
Perhaps the universe
Is taking place
Within a test?
Set by Time multiplied by Space?

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The clammy maws of mortal time
Clench and unclench jaws,
Chilling hallmarks of gluttony, our inevitable
Ingestion and passage through wormhole corridors of libation
To speculative unknown.
Absolution and
Liberation from human bones.
Temporal jaws clench and unclench,
Crunch upon our human flesh,
Awakening internal
Clocks, bio-rhythmic machinations of the
Microcosms of life upon life are replicating
themselves. Interstitial fluid states. Pursuing
Perfection in God’s image.

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