In Memory of My Late Guru

Your absence is a raging storm,
One that refuses to abate;
It now wills to drive me, my fate,
Swirling and uprooting all calm.
How could I not surmise the harm
That would flood my home, cause each pain?
The storm sprang when you’d bought the farm
Fore you moved to the purest plane.

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How and why did you choose to deign
To meet with me three weeks ago?
You willed to perhaps give a go,
State your love would evermore reign.
Inside my heart I cry but feign
Smiles to obscure the hurt storm’s caused;
Unable to sit still, I strain
My mind and the cold thoughts aroused.

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The fire in my heart can be doused,
Only with tears clouding my view ;
Soul knows not this hullabaloo,
And rents are waned where I’m now housed.
Every morning when they are roused,
Your voice and mien strike their mind;
I each morning hope an applause
Would come to your famille in kind.

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Oh, a noble soul you were, a great find!
You wiped out darkness from many a life;
Your talks I’ve listened to will hopefully bind
My soul with yours and result in no strife.

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