Free Verse Poetry


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It is evening,
and standing by the window,
I am gazing at the serene azure sky;
Today is that memorable day,
And your thoughts have come to engage my mind.
With each passing moment as the sun is venting its grace
and filling the sky with kaleidoscopic hues,
The cottony clouds look enraptured,
waiting to be bedecked in red and golden fuse;
A cursory distraction
that soon metamorphoses into a painless ache…
Far away when I hear the cuckoo cry, I wonder,
“Is it yearning for its mate?”
“I’m forlorn my friend, and I’m thinking of you,
but I cannot tell if you’re thinking of me too.”
Slowly, nature is diffusing its grace,
but for once, I’m not impressed!
‘Cause there is something else that is much more intense.

It’s called melancholy,
and it’s pouring bit by bit into myself…
The memorabilia of the setting sun
that you left behind
while bidding adieu one last time…
My heart seems to have imprisoned that moment;
The moment that separated you from me;
How can I forget
those long walks, those long talks?
Those endless hours of plucking flowers?
Those mindful roams around winding roads?
Those flying kites and those starry nights?
Making a huddle while playing in the puddle?
Chasing dragonflies and chasing butterflies?
Smelling the petrichor after the rains galore?
The winsome smile after running a mile?
These vivid memories I visualize
Today and always through my mind’s eye;
Do you see them too, my friend?
Oh! How I wish I could tell!
And now, as the sun gets engulfed into the far horizon,
A pall of gloom descends upon me;
And my watery eyes seem to say
“When will you come back, my mate?”

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