Free Verse Poetry

After Nightfall

Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay

Late after the hour of nightfall
While the prudent in their chambers
Of their repose did take til the new morn
Graveyard like lay the empty bridleway
Lifeless stood the trees
Bare of leaf in a silent forest
Where no living creature ventured
Inert was the night sky
Expressionless and inscrutable of regard
Devoid of sparkle from stars
Empty of meteor or cosmic dust
Absent of glow from a benign faced moon
For to light the way below in the deserted kingdom
Impenetrable was the very night
Enticement ethereal its speciality this dark eventide
Alluring and tempting in its mysteries enigmatic
The night wanderer for to beckon and to summon
Into its cloisters unseeable
Amongst the mists that wheezed and whispered
Of unseen worlds ephemeral
Of altered realities unfathomable
Rich in the unspoken wisdom of the ages
That abides in a realm to come
Where all shall be restored at the last
Whence light perpetual shall the world entire illumine
And the other world temporal
Shall into nothingness vanish
As sudden as night into oblivion does fade
When very dawn itself dispels all darkness
Whereupon it bathes the land with blandishments of radiant succour

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