Juggernaut Specials

Esoterical Infusions

I am ego, a creation of gifted evolution,
Born to create mayhem,
Playing devil’s advocate upon the manifested plane of illusionary realities,
Only to be suppressed and overcome through devotional practices,
Bearing a loving compassionate heart, mind and soul towards all life, irrespective of form,
In acceptance and fulfilment of balancing karma
Through meditation, prayer, and contemplation.
Casting aside all shadowy impediments, creations of the egotistically childish meddlesome mind,
The incessantly infuriating chattering, inside one’s head,
One’s persistently streaming, arising human cravings, thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Laying bare, all egotistically created limitations, unnecessary to function fluidly, within observing selves’ pure conscious awareness,
Self-realisation, dwelling in nirvana’s renewing sea of peaceful tranquilities,
Infinities, eternally flowing esoterical infusions beyond humans’ intelligible understandings – enlightenment!

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