Free Verse Poetry

The End of a Journey

BEFORE YOU READ | In the poem, the sand is a metaphor for life. The poet has tried to implicitly state how life, like sand, slips off with time. Enjoy the read and feel free to share your thoughts after. Thank you!

Silently, O Silently
It lay in the abandoned desert.
Over it twinkled a million stars
In the blue-pink shimmering sky.
Soon, it heard sounds of approaching feet,
Which grew louder and louder;
And when it was at its peak
The sound suddenly died.
A hand descended towards the dazzling sand
And trapped it in its fist.
The hand inverted and opened,
And the sand began to slip.

The sand slipped off
As time passed by,
And it appeared as if
Sand were raining;
And the joyful, pretty petals in the sand
Of some beautiful flower
Went away with time
And never returned.

When half of it had rained off
And half of it remained
The jewels that made it dazzle
Were yet to go away.
A heart-wrenching separation
Between the two took place.
They kissed each other goodbyes,
And from each other’s lives
Got erased forever.
They got erased, forever…

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The last to rain away
Was the fine dirt
That had polluted the sand
Its whole life;
It glared at the sand
And the sand glared back.
The last contact ended
And the dirt fell off
Leaving the sand
With an expression of disgust.

In the end, remained the sand
Alone, without its dearest jewels
In the absence of its jeering dirt.
A lonely soul.

Finally, the hand inverted
Once again,
And the sand fell
To the place it had come from –

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

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