Free Verse Poetry

‘I’ll Put the Kettle On’

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

On a brisk December morn
a recently widowed old man
remembered his dearly beloved
wife named Nan.
Perplexed about what he should
do with his time,
he decided to just sit in his favourite
armchair and listen to the old father
clock chime.

He began to chuckle to himself
when he saw pictures of the joyous moments
he and his wife had shared on the shelf.
He then turned his head
to the other armchair that was empty;
He just stared at it longingly.
He turned his head once again
because he’d thought he
heard from the kitchen
his sweet wife Nan saying,
‘I’ll put the kettle on dear.’


A fond memory came rushing back
to him when they use to sit and drink tea
together and chat about their
wonderful life.
He would always tell her
how lucky he was to have her as his wife;
Quickly his recollection was interrupted
by the whistle of the tea kettle.
He got up went to the
kitchen and poured some tea;
When he came back into the living room,
he carefully placed one cup
onto the lovely side table
next to his wife’s chair;
Then he sat in his
and began to sip the
Earl Grey tea.
He began to speak and
talk about their life as if Nan
was there.

In his head, she would
never be dead,
and in his heart, he would
always hold her dear.
The grandfather clock
chimed once more
and brought him back to
Saddened, he now
held onto a teacup
empty of tea however
filled with his
tears for his beloved Nan.

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