Free Verse Poetry

I’m the City

I’m the city;
I have
an enigmatic countenance
and a heart redolent of a mirage;
My charismatic appearance
is a dreamy apparition
breeding frail hope and forbearance!
My glitzy world
echoes an endless pang,
both of the ravenous and the avaricious;
My quotidian grinding bind
emanates a heart-wrenching pine
of a deep-seated chaotic pain
like a flame in a dark stormy night!
My twilight sky
is like a big bright boyish eye,
raring to drive, thrive, and survive;
The methodical struggles I create
are rigorous and onerous to affiliate;
Born are dark emotions that retaliate
and dig ways and means to manipulate!
My long drawn road
is a tapestry
stained with tired and wearied gore
But I ask you…
Is this all true?
Or is there a deeper hue?

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I’m the city
Never learnt how to pity!
my origin stems from your weave
a reality you cannot retreat from!
Yet still, I feel
and hear…
The soft sad strains of humanity;
Sometimes subtle
like the whispering rain,
Sometimes delirious
like wildly rustling leaves,
Sometimes savage
like a stormy sea;
My heart floods with your willed blood
I’m filled with guilt
for which I’m not built;
I cry at the numerous deaths you die
Every day, every night!
But remember!
My origin stems from your weave
A reality you cannot retreat from!

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