Song of Spring

BEFORE YOU READ | What you are to read is a hexametria, a fixed verse form of poetry introduced by English poet Andrew Smart in February 2021. A hexametria consists of twelve verses with each verse written in iambic hexameter. Also, the last word of the fourth line must be the first word of the fifth line, and the last word of the eighth line must be the initial word of the ninth line. Have fun reading the very first hexametria featured in this e-zine!

Winds wind well while cold months, worn, weakened, get wound down;
Assailing coldness that has done a lot of wrongs,
Heralding spring, a season as bright as the Sun
As plants beam, flower, making us sing many songs;
Songs of love, praise are hearkened to; songs of peace fill
The swanning air, reviving thus lost sheen of earth;
The rivers that flow through the towns seem cock-a-hoop
As each of us sashay upon the streets with mirth;
Mirth births thoughts, which when penned down bring cheer and fortune
To souls that read, not knowing they’re too being read,
And days, made by gods biding up, light up the lives
Of folks who hope to make fresh, blooming lands their bed.

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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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