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I’m Proud of My Mother

You heard it right!
My classmates used to bully me;
By flaunting their mothers’ professions, they’d thought themselves supreme.
I wanted to teach them a lesson;
By poking me, how could they have fun?
Our teacher as always came in and called out the students’ names;
Through their speech, they evinced their mothers’ fame.
Now I got an opportunity
On that Mother’s Day to speak about my mom’s inner beauty.
It was my chance to speak in front of all,
And I closed my eyes for my mothers’ traits to recall;
And I started…

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My mother
Cooks and serves the most scrumptious food though she is not a chef or a waiter,
Plays with me though she is not an athlete or a racer,
Gives first aid to the injured though she is not a doctor,
Performs many roles though she is not an actor,
Cleans the house though she is not a housekeeper.
Teaches me all subjects though she is not a teacher.
Now, I would like to tell you that my mother is a housewife;
Yes! You heard it right. She is the one who has given me this blissful life!
My mother is a housewife though she doesn’t get paid for her services;
I have tried to encapsulate her roles in my verses.
My speech that day stunned everyone;
The teacher’s eyes grew moist, my classmates were quieted.
That day my mother got the recognition she deserved;
And I was filled with pride that my mother was a housewife!

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