‘When My World’s Stressful, It Takes Me To a Different One Where I Write My Own Ending’

Author Annie Mick started writing in January of 2019 when the ideas and characters crafted in her imagination needed to find their way onto the page. In an exclusive interaction with The Literary Juggernaut, Ms Mick, who currently resides in the state of Colorado in the US, a place where the sunsets are colourful and the mountains make for a beautiful landscape, says when she starts working on a book, she always knows who her main characters will be and the initial plot, but as the plot unfolds, she happens to tweak it. ‘Or it ends up tweaking me!’ she exclaims.

Author Annie Mick

Secrets Galore

Talking about her first published work entitled ‘Run to Me’, the author says what was initially intended to be a two-main character romance, with each character having a deep secret, rapidly evolved into a series titled ‘The Crew’ as strong friendships between four women supported the cast, adding a ton of humour. 

‘My second book in the series, Wicked Lemonade, links an unexpected twist from the first book and reveals a mysterious stranger,’ states the author, adding, ‘The third in the series, Find Another Hero, teaches us all that there is a lot to be said about “getting by with a little help from our friends” as well as the man we’ve fallen in love with.’ Be that as it may, her recently launched book entitled ‘Tell Me Why, Janie’ is a heartbreaking romance.  

Lover of Mystery Books 

An avid reader, Ms Mick lets us know that she has many authors whom she enjoys, but she really can’t pin down a favourite. ‘I love a good read that makes me laugh and cry within a chapter or two of each other. I also love a mystery that makes me gasp and be anxious to turn the page or tap the edge of my Kindle,’ she tells us.

The author, who tends to follow a schedule while writing, mornings and midday being her best time to write, stresses that she finds it important to take a day off once in a while. ‘But when I am closing in on the end, it’s hard to tear myself away,’ she states. 

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‘Writing Is a Good Place to Be’

Nonetheless, was becoming an author a conscious decision of hers? Says Ms Mick, whose hobbies include reading good books, gardening when the season is right and cooking besides making her grandson groan in pleasure, ‘Becoming an author was not only a conscious decision for me but a dream I made a reality. When my own world becomes stressful, it can take me away to a different one where I write my own ending. Writing is a good place to be.’

On being asked how she manages to juggle writing and other tasks, the author responds right off the bat that she juggles her everyday life around writing rather than juggle her writing around her everyday life. ‘I’m lucky in that I have a very supportive husband and I am otherwise retired. It took a long time to get here, so I’m making the best of what I have left,’ she explains. 

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‘Never Stop Dreaming or Trying’

Anyhow, going on to talk about one of her works in progress, Ms Mick says it is a collaboration with her husband, Mr Mick. ‘We’re both musicians with a very long history of playing with road bands. It involves a group of musicians reuniting for one more road trip and the crazy antics of Old Farts and Pop Tarts

And does she have anything to tell budding authors who lose motivation if a few of their works don’t do well? Says Ms Mick, who starts each of her days with strong, aromatic coffee, ‘The only advice I would ever try to give is: Never Stop Dreaming or Trying.’ Nevertheless, when asked if there is something that she would want to see changed in the world we live in, the author says it would be witnessing a world where child abuse does not exist. ‘Zip, nada, no more. Never, ever again. Children need love,’ she pronounces, signing off.

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