Free Verse Poetry

Traveller on the Moon

Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay | FOR REPRESENTATION PURPOSES ONLY

And the creeping night unfolds its arms
to embrace the pale moon
painted between countless winking asters
The star ladder,
hidden in the closet of my mind,
climbs up and up,
till it finally clings the mysterious orb
where to look down on an earthly portrait

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A stellar journey, a cosmic view
an unusual sensation in the space
where a new vision of truth encounters
the spirit in elliptically motion
as the celestial body gets
drawn to earth like me

And from this point
the world’s surface shows up
in its comforting emanation
Getting more closer I realize
where to rest my searching gaze
where to set my longed goal
where to slip into metaphysical depth…
It’s time to turn on the day,
on earth we have to stay

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