Free Verse Poetry

True King

I am in love with
a man who is intelligent,
hard working,
in love with his
children & his “adopted”
will defend them with
life and limb.
Who plays music
and sings beautifully.
Who runs teams of
people on the right
side of the law.
Who loves his
family & spends
time with them.
Who constantly
learns and reads.
Who loves Harry Potter,
Norah Jones &
Anne McCaffrey like me.
Who is honestly
divorced from his
former wife.
Whom I have
spent time
with professionally
for over ten years.
Whom I have
spent time with
one on one
when we were
both single legally.
No we haven’t kissed
as we were both
more honorable than
that & were just
figuring us out
when things went awry.
I am sorry if all
of you have
somehow gotten
the wrong impression…
Not sure who filled
your heads with such
Understand that I am
hurt on his behalf.
And I am hurt on my
own that anyone
believes I would love
or knowingly contemplate
marrying a man any less
than this true king who
would never willingly
claim this title.
I am hurt… for us.

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