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Image by Devanath from Pixabay

There is some harmony in chaos,
Mayhem in the way the enemies march to their doom,
The sense of morbid familiarity when the drums are struck,
The beats uniting all the warriors, be it friends or foe.

The clanging sound of swords dancing – striking a chord in my heart,
The blood-curdling yells of barbarians following as they strike on us with both arms,
We advance, the little souls crying out with contempt,
As they march forward – anger etched on their youthful fronts…

The little souls were noble and innocent,
Their achievements till now none,
Their ranks commendable when the enemy’s blood flowed,
Their nightmares yet to come.

With the warriors having dwellings to come back,
places where their spoils and victories have no seat on the table,
But out on the battleground emerged the brutish beasts,
As danger danced a dance familiar around their hearts.

The battle raged on and on,
The sun descending unhurriedly,
We marched forward – our souls refusing to bow down to defeat and destruction,
As our arrows and swords put on a bloody exhibition.

The war was always kind – to bless us with quick deaths,
The falling of men being a parallel
To weeds being cut off by a gardener,
With the feeling of woe overpowering the sound of my heart beating,
As the blade plunged into my back was protruding.

I breathe the air – scented with the coppery smell of blood and silver
Gazing at the scene which lay before me,
Men lay in peace, with their eyes closed,
gone to a place with no return
and I smiled and smiled and smiled
Before the curtain of life fell for me.

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    • Wow! I really like the wonderful and pure authenticity of this poem Soundarya Akka. You have used deeply intoxicating words that struck my heart. Thanks

  1. Very nice Soundarya. Keep up the good work. Awaiting to read your poems more and more

  2. Wow ! Soundarya this is simply amazing. the simplicity of life along with the complexity we create is captured so beautifully. The way you have captured the little joys life has to offer and the way we deal when faced with sorrow is captured so wonderfully.
    God bless you and keep writing.

  3. Amazing poem Soundarya. Ranga would be awesomely proud of you. Keep up the good work. This is just the beginning….

  4. Wonderful show of talent in making every word alive with description which makes one to be in the battlefield and view the scenes one by one.
    Looking forward for more .
    A wonderful piece of work.
    Keep it up!

  5. Very strong and powerful imagery. All the best. You are very talented. You can do wonders.

  6. Super .well written. Thought provoking.choice of words are excellent.we expect many more poems,articles etc in future.keep it up. Do good work

  7. Awesome.. Nice, clear and deep thought.. Engrossed with powerful meaning.. Keep up the good work..
    Awestruck with : “The war was always kind – to bless us with quick deaths.”

  8. Wow… Full of emotions… Reflect s the present youth., Congratulations… Like Dad.. Like daughter… Stay blessed..

  9. Very beautifully written So proud of you and I’m eagerly waiting for ur upcoming poems.

  10. Brilliant speed of thought with deep meaning in every line you wrote, especially best was.. “The war was always kind – to bless us with quick deaths.”
    Keep up the good work πŸ‘

  11. Nice thoughts. Very well articulated. Congratulations and all the best for future work.

  12. Awesome soundarya ! A beautiful work … loads of talent .. a great pool of imaginations… keep writing keep shining

  13. Outstanding !!
    So beautifully articulated, Soundarya !!
    The warfare, the chaos and the mayhem of battle field with marching troops and blood flowing with soldiers falling to enemy bullets is so clear and so close to my Heart as I’ve seen & been a part of this years together…
    For someone so young to create it with her words – really amazes me and makes me feel proud once again.

    Geat Talent – Soundarya !! You are really blessed…
    Keep writing and keep scaling new heights…

  14. Wonderful & Deep expression ! More power to you girl ..way to go , keep writing !

  15. Wonderfully written. Clarity in thought reflecting in the usage of words.

    The war was always kind – to bless us with quick deaths,

  16. Wow Soundarya.. that was soo well crafted. It felt like we were right there in the middle of all that mayhem along with those soldiers and swords. Please give us more to read because it is hard to find someone who can keep us hooked on to things like this these days. πŸ™‚

  17. Lovely articulation and visualisation. Well done and continue writing. It’s a talent you must polish!

  18. Wonderful expression of words weaved in such a beautiful rhyme. Congratulations!

    This is just the beginning. Look forward for more.

  19. Qwonderful work Soundarya. Complete discription of Warfield. Each line express the entire situation though we don’t know about Warfield now we can understand the actual picture. Pl give us more and more GOD BLESS YOU.

    More .

  20. Deep thoughts wonderfully penned Soundarya. A great work. Would like to see more coming from you

  21. This is splendid Poetry Soundarya. The flow of thought, choicest literature and poetic devices unfolds the visual in front of my eyes. Well done kiddo! May your art take you places, best wishes ❀️

  22. Wow Soundarya, this is just so wonderful and deep. Keep going and expressing yourself

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