Awfully Alliterating

Lighthouse Keeper

Fallow farrow in the narrows;
The gulls herald their blows in dire trumpeting,
Broken neck birds crying circling necrosis.
The horn bleeds its deep siren in
The storm blots in rage,
Ragged and days be falling toothless
and scurvy,
The boneless wind jostle and whistle banshee.
Novena skies and shutters,
Supercell ghosts, mirror, mirror in the mire
Your sacred desire, whispering:
“I know your sin”.

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Embolism, spiral and residue,
Crepuscules, pinnacle pentacle tentacle.
When the surge breaks and births
mirk monsters,
Glinting in Poseidon’s trident,
The slow knotted crippled mandible
The long night of knives wet.
Unrelenting rock and bottle bob
crash shattered
Echoes thunder of no repent.
Nauseating spirals to eternal lights refracting
in the mists.

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The mange rabid rain,
The furnace revile and ticks,
Black booted rhythmic,
Kiltered cackles in the blink.
Kerosene seeps under the door cracks,
Eekling seekling ooze marching towards
Buzzing, buzzing Ahab cascades,
Cerulean waves.
Crawl in with the corpses,
Bleeding halos.
Set the sea on fire,
Briny pyres and exsanguination masks.
We bury our dead in cold;
Buried minds enfold;
Murderous release in rapture,
Her body lifeless moaned.
And solitary men go mad.

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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