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Because the Welkin Charmed Me Much

Image by JuergenPM from Pixabay

When I was young, I’d longed to float and fly
Because the welkin charmed, allured me much;
I’d hankered after gladness and pure bliss,
The airy, blue expanse I’d hoped to touch.
My eyes oft yearned to know each world and kiss
The gate of heavens that perhaps was closed;
I so desired to turn self into bird,
A task most easy, I’d hoped and supposed.
And I wasn’t startled when they called me nerd.
For that was what I then was, dear charmed mate,
Though what I studied was ’bout worlds beyond
Besides the acts that make, determine fate.
Oh, thoughts ’bout why I wasn’t a bird too fond
Of soaring up and gliding round came, went;
My soul sold sullied, soiled emotions, thoughts,
Each seeming to be haunted house on rent.
A boy I was thus in this floating cot,
Who couldn’t obtain what he had wanted, willed,
Today the same stands old and broken here
To tell you world’s a quite mysterious build.
I could’ve once been a bird who hoped to be a man
In this realm that is said to house those who shall die;
None but knows what will hap once I pass from this world,
Where we’re brought and made to forget death’s always nigh.

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