Free Verse Poetry

Angel of the Wolf

The Wolf Moon falls upon us in her beauty and majesty.
His beauty is unsurpassed by all who have come before
or after.
The haunting eyes of emerald green,
and long luxurious fur; so dark as this night. The spell
his song casts is immeasurable, unimaginable. From
darkness she fell into this night.
Into his arms she fell.
Such a cruel joke it would seem; as he is already
gone, but actually perfection with all things
considered. Only he can still hold her.
Perhaps because she is already dead,
just still walking among the living?
She’s haunted by this world,
and all of those she has loved who have walked here.
Sadly, their feet no longer are touching Mother Earth;
in this space of time as hers do at this moment. Such
a strange place to find yourself.
And as “The Witching Hour” approaches…
Here she is, by herself.
But never alone, as he is always and forever with her.
Her Immortal Angel of the Wolf.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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