Free Verse Poetry

Eternal Misery

Wings wide in the empty sky
pierced with twisted lies
I am lying here –
inside the ovary of a dead river,
immersed in the redolence
of your sunflower hair
gulping down moonlights
from my evening glass
two drinks for your new hysteria
two shots for my sick liver
and the remaining is
for the hope you had
to burn down us
with bittersweet pain of desire…

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Sunsets on your pale ripped jean
drops of twilights in my skin
such unquenchable longing
for the insatiable thirsts
intruding arteries inside out,
spurious blood of silence has
measured off our infamous hearts

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under the blanket of descending dusk
now we weep together and ask
even across the sky how lavish love is,
wrapped in the veil of stillness
picking pieces of reminiscences!
swinging around my orbit
sorrows became the spoiled stars
weeping angels pray my regular hymn
to cover up my secret scars

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knocking on the door of fragile bosom,
poetic existence I have sought for…
hiding faces behind shadows I ask
how billowing the sea is on your side,
sweeping away ashes of bleakness
of my sunsets and burnt twilights!

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please keep up for another round,
here I am – pretty much inebriated
naked enough to be drowned in your hatred!
adjusting yellow guilts,
I carry in my pocket,
I would be a desert tonight
and you might be a forest!
premature rupture of the rhythmic souls
floating in serenity there goes
magic of the muses up in flames
and I drink to the beautiful rumours!

two drinks for your brand new vanity
two shots for my cold dreary lust
and the remaining is
for the devil’s laughter
behind the scene
to hush the clamours of pride…
how long shall I swallow the dusk
digging grave for my departed soul
to forget the moonlights!
In some cynical hell perhaps,
I might have sold
diary of the flourished times!

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Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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