Rhythmic and Metric

The ‘Thoughtful’ Train

While heading by train to the land of pure bliss
The times we were in grew much lighter than light;
Oh, while commuting I gave off a kiss
To my loved soulmate whose thoughts were just and bright;
It was known darkness would be out of sight
Till we returned to lands we should not once miss,
For there just snakes were made to bide and hiss.

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The snakes sometimes squirmed like worms you’d detest
While en route to work fields that gleamed on Earth,
And like raged, raging winds hoping not to rest,
They oft assailed and harmed and caused great dearth.
But when my mind caught that trained train with mean mirth,
The snakes bade me adieu, their strength wasn’t best;
When they came, they could not put me to test!

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I’d been away thus from snakes of pain, hate
Until the taken train came to a darned halt;
And when I looked out the window of fate,
I knew those snakes would writhe, come to assault.
The train I’d caught had no destined end, my fault…
So I burnt that train and looked for a gate
That would lead me to snakeless worlds at any rate.

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Image by Shlomaster from Pixabay

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