My Journey

My journey has not
been easy or short.
And I have no wish
to beat the hurts
like a dead horse.
Much of my life
has been laid out
in my page end
to end.
The abuse starting
at age five.
The outcast feeling
through so much
of my life.
Never in step,
always in the way.
The long term
marriage that
I am still scarred
from to this day.
Two abusive
bosses, although
one I took action.
A chosen career
that for women
was quite out
of fashion.
My love unrequited…
Others obsessed with me.
I will speak on so much
to help others I plea,
but read through these
works a little farther back.
Some of the most
gut wrenching hacks
were written earlier on,
my purges to help me
move along.
If my words resonate
with any of you, feel free
to reach out so I can
support you, too.
That’s why I am here
you see, to help
heal you which
then helps heal me.

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Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

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