Free Verse Poetry

From Nothing

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Before me is an empty page
Begging for words.
Inside my head are
Thoughts thrashing at my locked doors.


Drip, drip, the rain taps on my window,
Wetting my wonder with weathered meanings.

Yet still
There is silence…
And an empty page.

The cat stretches paws
Then curls in rest.
Purrs at my peace.
Vibrates calm to my heart.
Unmoved but for
The twitch of her ear.

Yet still
There is blankness…
And an empty page.

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The clock ticks,
Taking my time with it
And I watch

Yet still
There is nothingness…
And an empty page.

The rain suddenly stops.

The sky beams bright
In sparkled shine.
The room lights up in faith.
I breathe in hope.
I feel the strength
Of my invisible army
And embrace their presence.

Yet still
There is darkness…
And an empty page.

Tick tock still tapping on my mind.
Moments stolen by the clock
With no evidence
Of my existence
To show.

The clock silences.

I stare into the emptiness
Of my page, so blank,
Then close my eyes.

My vision takes me to
A leafy tree
Where a songbird is singing
Such sweet lullabies.
Precariously perched,
No fear of fall.
No need for applause
To his tune,
Just singing his sweet lullabies,
Then away he flies
Like a feather to the wind.

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I feel full.
I hear every colour.
I feel love.
I feel whole.
I feel free.

The clock calls me.

I open my eyes

And still
There is silence,
But I am
Lifted in knowing,
For my
Page is

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