Free Verse Poetry

Ethereal Beauty

Image from Pixabay

As the moon ablaze
Nestled down onto her nest
For her heavenly rest
Twilight Time was
Slipping into the sky.

It was sprinkled by
A reflection from the Sea of a
Brilliant Radiant Golden Bronze,
From the Moon as it was Setting.

The Moon,
The Artist of the Sea
Brushing it’s strokes
Onto to the cresting seafoam waves
Of the Gold Coast
That She adores so

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Magical was this Sunset
By the Sea
As the art unfolded
Of the masterpiece
Sunset by the Sea at Twilight Time

As many times
That as l have witnessed
Sunsets and Sunrises
Living by the Sea;
Have l seen such
Ethereal Beauty

So many waves,
In perfect synchronized motion
With the reflection of the moon
Flowing like molten gold to
The Sea-Shore…

Where the Sea kisses
Her first love
The Shore…

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