Free Verse Poetry

Torrid Turbulence

A torrid turbulence beset the evening
As mists swirled and leaves blew amok one cold night
While fearsome frosts gathered at the edge of the kingdom
Their assault by stealth to commence
Slowly forth by degrees they did creep
Under the cloak of darkness when all were abed
And by morning they had besieged the whole world
When ’twas too late to rescind the invasion
As the realm was now but an icescape swathed in gelid mists
Where nought abided but ice and snow
Amid mountains cloaked in frost
That rose from valleys of hoarfrost
As an infinity of fields of rime and frozen lakes
Spread the length and breadth of the land
As a blanket of purest white crisp and clean
Across the scene entire did sweep

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Frozen rain hung in the air
As blizzards blew in from the east
A lone seagull attired in white
Defied the lifeless stillness of the icescape
As it glided high in the firmament
While the austere heart of wintertide seethed and simmered
Beneath a stark blue sky of featureless countenance
That adopted a mien of disinterest
As it regarded the frigid expanse below
With a glacial detachment inscrutable
As a solitary cloud precocious bubbled at the horizon
And defaced awhile the perfection of the spotless firmament
Until a timely gust pursued it into oblivion
The tranquil serenity of the winterscape for to preserve

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