Rescued by Poetry

Author Robert Stubblefield started writing around the age of ten. As a matter of fact, he began composing poems at the time as a way to cope with the loss of his grandmother. Speaking exclusively to The Literary Juggernaut, the twenty-eight-year-old American author and poet, who is currently residing in Maryland, the US, says poetry has always helped him express his feelings towards the world around him. Emphasising that he usually writes when he has the urge to pen down his thoughts and whenever he feels low, Mr Stubblefield, who holds a bachelor’s degree besides two master’s degrees, says he composes poetry so he may articulate the deepest of his thoughts in ways he cannot do when he happens to be speaking.

Robert Stubblefield

Black and White

Talking about his debut poetry book entitled ‘Written in Blood: Anthology 2011-2018’, the author says, ‘It is a collection of poems I wrote from when I was eighteen to when I was twenty-six. My book goes from talking about love and dreams to socio-political commentary on what it’s like being black in the United States of America.’

On being asked if he derives inspiration from any writers, Mr Stubblefield tells us categorically that he wishes he had enough space to word his thoughts. ‘But that would take too much time!’ he exclaims, adding, nonetheless, that his favourite authors are Shakespeare, Dante Alighieri, Nikki Giovanni, Audre Lorde, Countee Cullen, Christopher Paolini and Amiri Baraka. ‘They inspire me in terms of using the arts as a way to create the world you want to see while dealing with the world around you,’ he states.

Proud Poet

Quite interestingly, the author, who tries to balance his time by maintaining a schedule and journaling, says he has wanted to be an author since he was a child. He lets on, ‘It’s been a journey, to say the least, but I am proud that I have achieved that goal.’

Over the course of the interview, we also learn that Mr Stubblefield, whose hobbies and interests besides writing are exercising, listening to music and meditating during sunsets, has recently finished up his second poetry volume entitled ‘No Rain in The Desert’ and that he now has other books he is finishing up or starting.

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‘Never Lose Focus’

Be that as it may, when we ask Mr Stubblefield if he has anything to tell budding authors who lose motivation if their works don’t do well, he tells us that he would ask them to trust the process. ‘Things take time before your books start taking off. Writing is in many ways, like life, has its ups and downs; but the main thing is to not lose sight of your focus,’ he explains.

And is there a thing or two that he would want to see changed in the world we live in? ‘Racism,’ states the author, who is also presently learning to speak Chinese and Spanish. ‘I say this because racism is a poison that has permeated every facet of society and is one of the biggest barriers to building a Beloved Community,’ explains the author, thus signing off on a thought-provoking note.

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