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I read a poet’s work today
It left me gobsmacked, blown away
I told them that their work was great
And told them to no longer wait
Messages went to and fro
I loved the way their poems flowed
I asked for a title for my verse
And they came back with REBIRTH

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Like a chewed up sweet I thought I would melt
Blaming this life for the cards I was dealt
But I realise now if I want to be free
I must see that some of the problem was me
This world has been blamed a thousand times
Just an excuse for my wicked crimes
Got told as a youngster I needed a shrink
But when I was born I was programmed to drink
A mixed up child got shoved in a home
Little self worth and felt so alone
Others had managed so why couldnโ€™t I
Born into a world where I wanted to die
I always looked round in your universe
I noticed that others had lives that were worse
So why years of drinking to blot out the pain
I have lame excuses but I just canโ€™t explain
Thirty eight years I drank like a clown
I had the red nose but my smile was a frown
Then one day I could take no more
Reached for the phone, pissed up on the floor
That day was nearly four years ago
Iโ€™d planted the seed and was ready to grow
The drink was put down but my feelings were dark
It was never going to be a walk in the park
Then two years ago I found I enjoyed writing
Thank goodness I did coz Iโ€™m fed up of fighting
Writing my feelings with a story to tell
And these last few months Iโ€™ve come out my shell
No longer frightened no longer ashamed
For most of my life I was the blame
Iโ€™m still like a clown most of the while
My nose is still red but my frown’s now a smile
Top poets as family and today I can see
When Iโ€™m handing out blame, I must start with me
Onwards and upwards I will keep growing
Todayโ€™s medication is writing a poem
Iโ€™m feeling so well and Iโ€™m loving this earth
I feel born again, this is my

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