Double Acrostic Poetry

‘Loving’ Friend

There’s a world abiding in each where blooms love;
Nothing great can be gained if yon world dies!
I say rear the world now; never ask when.
Would that you could grasp what in yon world lies!
Not to say you can’t, but your betrayals
Do harm to that sane realm. Also errors,
For when being base is normal, mad realms take
Those joys that might have bode at the centre.
Who are you to preach?’ you shall ask on stage.
Are you my compeer?’ Your thoughts you must stage!
My response shall be filled with care and love;
Friends must speak their mind e’er, think not of when.
I trow I’m a comrade who slights but betrayals.
Have I thoughts that might result in errors?
No! At least, that’s what I’d say. A true lie!
Notion owned by you is but mine centred.
Of late, I’ve seen yon love you’ve been taking,
Loving all but love as you play with dies.
People that you meet hold sickle and dies,
By which chopped is greatness that you oft stage.
Faking pain, you laugh. And you feign smiles when
Care fades, is replaced by sheer betrayals
For you know there’ll be no end to errors.
It’s supposed though you will henceforth not lie,
Not till my mind wills to keep you centred.
My heart knows you’re caring, loving, taking!
Nature you’ve shall thus guard worlds of love.

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Image by Alejandro Tuzzi from Pixabay

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