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Lady of the Lake

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

In the mountain where I grew up,
There is a lake that no man has ever seen freeze.
It is not the biggest, but it is the deepest.
Just like your soul,
It is the depth of it that protects it.
You are changing again my love.
A transformation that will require all of your
You now have to enter the water.
You need to take with you
The sword of power;
Bring it
To the depth of your soul.
Once there, gather your spirit and wait.
I will light a fire by the edge of the water
And stand vigil
I’ll make sure the surface of the lake
Remains tranquil
So you can rest in the warms of its depth.
When the time comes you’ll be summoned up.
As you reach the world again,
The sword will pierce your chest.
Five days and nights you will sleep
Before the power of your heart be restored.
New life will flow through you.
Energy and power you will regain after the pain.
By all that is true, let it be so.
As above, so below
My lady of the lake.

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