Free Verse Poetry

She Comes in the Night

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

She comes in the night, sleek and evil.

Beware of the Night: this beautiful killer,
exquisite predator, demon.

Wolves roaming, blood thirsty.

She is waiting to devour your soul and your children.

By the Moon’s pale light he caught one fatal glimpse,
was it Beast or Woman?

Cast out of Hell or his Imagination?

In the night, blood’s scent rides the cool breeze.

You can taste the sweet warm blood, licking it,
drinking the last drops of her victim’s life.


So inviting, captivating, is her sweet siren song.

The Moon is full.

The Wolf’s howls fill the night, chill your soul.

Imagination, curiosity in the night can unlock the gates
of Heaven and Hell.

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  1. Who is she? What is she? A vampire, an unknown species or what ever my imagination desires?

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