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Goldfish Doesn’t Envy Cat

The goldfish doesn’t envy cat;
He hasn’t thought to think like that.
The pigeon doesn’t cry and wail
Wishing she sang nightingale.

The drones, the busy working bees,
Have no time to resent the queen.
The winter doesn’t miss the sun…
Yet our sadness envies fun.

The sky does not shout at the clouds
For blocking view for all around.
You do not hear the crying rain
When falling just to rise again.

The leaves don’t anger when they fall.
The salmon don’t hate waterfalls.
The elephants don’t wish for wings;
They have no thought to use such things.

Imagine if the natural,
Became the unimaginable,
And every instinct was ignored;
Imagine nature’s angry roar.

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Image by from Pixabay

But no, this cannot ever be
For nature needs them just to be,
To flow and do what instinct tells;
Live with purpose while they dwell.

Yet here we are, we fuss and fight;
We shout at dark and envy light;
We push we pull we play the game
Of right and wrong; the blame and shame.

Yet we have choice in every day
To choose the envy or the praise,
To choose to be, or do the game;
The human race, or nature’s way.

The need to do just forces lack;
Makes us push the moment back,
Forcing want into the sky;
Resenting life until we fly.

But when we are, without such force,
We let nature take its course,
For we are just the same as all;
Here as one, at nature’s call.

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