Juggernaut Specials

World of Play

The stars greatly glowed when the night was young,
And the moonlight gleamed, glistened upon seas;
It looked as if the stars were lights well strung
By men who would prize nothing but calm, peace.
And seas carrying moon’s light across Greece
Flowed free as if conducted by God’s force
While the night made sure to hide one darn corse.
A soul floating high moved on ordained course
As it watched the corse gliding fine under,
Its eyes that did lust happen for fair whores
Now appeared as though blinded by thunder.
Men seen that night but knew not of blunder
That had merged the corse and a sea that flowed,
Thus resulting in smells in winds that blowed.
But when people trod on one way too slowed,
A lad chanced on the corse that had no hands;
He let out yelps, alerted the lit road
That went zigzag and into forlorn lands.
The truth only dawned when the day-star showed
That the corse was a dummy made of clay
In this large and unbounded world of play.

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